Accepting Donations

CrashSignal is a free website uptime monitoring and downtime alerting service. To continue offering this quality service for free of charge to our users and to maintain development, we need to raise capital to cover operating costs. These costs include, but not limited to server lease, SMS text message gateway and instant email forwarding fees.

We accept donations via the following crypto addresses:

BCH: 1LqQMfcJZoAE4Qr84BvEVF75ntfF3uCpRd

BTC: 12ErEng4Wh7BNYX61NJfRuvU1TAzk8c2Ab

BCC: 8bjHPk6J6Cg8ciPbtuK9JcTbHce8c3TF8U

DASH: XrHryKSy4hPjGpkWUeMipdgZzqyVNEBu9D

DOGE: DHPrhvok242WdgM5DnoDs5uyqYxEgU3Reo

ETC: 0xfb58c7117061a31e4323c0aa4713d04a4caf1817

ETH: 0x3ead50417607a2d2bb10b0244f679604254346a1

LTC: LShe7qy8buaDy1piw7TQ6UM1fXjLmX1sDa


PPC: PJC5r6F5Hb5v7D1Tc4JeNRDEkewWuJJxjS